One on one with Mgcini Sibindi

Getting to know Mgcini Sibindi

Q: Tell me about your background?
A: I'm also known as Mchengeti and I come from Khozi which is an 8 hour walk from Ebenezer. I live with my grandparents. I’m 18 years old. We are 8 in my family and I’m the 2nd born. My parents passed away in 2001.

Q: How did you hear about Ebenezer?
A: My brother told me about Ebenezer. I filled in forms and attended the Selection Camp. I really enjoyed the camp especially the games and making new friends.

Q: What has been your greatest challenge at Ebenezer?
A Clearing my first plot was easy because we worked in team. The second plot was difficult because I cleared it on my own.

Q: What has been your greatest joy at Ebenezer?
A: I enjoy the Ebenezer life. It’s good especially the lessons. I enjoy spiritual lessons with Stephen Manhanga. He makes it very enjoyable.

Q: You have planted your first crops. How are they doing?
A: Generally, my crop of tomatoes is doing really well. I am expecting a bumper harvest. They are looking very good. I’ve already harvested 169kg of 1st grade tomatoes. My cabbages though seem to be struggling to grow. I think it is a shortage of fertilizer. I’ll need to apply fertilizer when stocks are available.

Some of Mgcini’s harvested of tomatoes
Q: Fantastic on your tomatoes. Your field certainly looks good! Who is your role model?
A: My role model is my brother. He didn’t rush into marriage and he was wise in setting up his home first before marrying.

Q: Wonderful. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
A: In 5 years time I’ll be back in my community. What I am learning now at Ebenezer I’ll be implementing in my community.

Thank you Mchengeti. May you be blessed as you continue to impact your community.
Interviewed by Molly Manhanga


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