A visit from the U.K Team

The blessings of the Lord shall overtake you

Gavin Bateman (with sun glasses), Paul Edginton & Graham Giles

The blessings of the Lord certainly did overtake us this past week as we had the privilege of spending time with Martin Tibbert and Gavin Bateman from Open Door church in St Neots, and Paul Egdinton from The Community Church in Stanford, U.K . They are leaders of New Fronteir churches and Martin is an Apostolic leader. This visit was God inspired and so timely. The gentlemen enjoyed their time at the Ebenezer Dam as well as the breath-taking view from the chapel.

They started with a tour of Ebenezer and were blown away with the diligence of the apprentices and just how hard they work. The evidence is showing in the crops they are harvesting.

Ebenezer Dam

They served us so excellently at Crossroads Combined Cell as well as with spiritual training of the first and second year apprentices at Ebenezer. They also had an eye opening community visit in the Mabhlauwuni area. The vast difference of rural life in Zimbabwe and rural life in the U.K was so evident as well as the whole concept of “community”.

Typical Zimbabwean rural homestead
It was a joy getting to know them and hearing their testimonies.

Martin Tibbert addressing the 1st year apprentices

By Molly Manhanga

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