Tomato sales at Ebenezer

Harvest time at Ebenezer

Harvested tomatoes in a store room waiting to go to market.
It’s a really busy time at Ebenezer as the apprentices are harvesting their tomatoes, weighing them and sending them to the market in Bulawayo. A and B grade tomatoes get sold in Bulawayo while c grade tomatoes go to the ostriches at Pumula.
Tomatoes going to the market
The quality of the crop is excellent and it’s exciting to see the apprentices pushing wheel barrows of tomatoes for weighing.

One of our major problems at the moment is transporting the tomatoes to the market. We are using open bukkies and a 1 tonne truck. The amount of tomatoes is coming in at a faster rate than it goes out.

We thank God for what seems to be a bumper harvest.

Prosper Zondo – a 1st year apprentice, is delighted with his excellent crate of tomatoes.

By Molly Manhanga

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