One on One with Paul Edginton

Paul serves at The New Community Church in Stanford, U.K. I was so blessed listening to his testimony and getting to know him better.
Paul Edginton
M.M: Tell me something of your background?
P.E: I was born in the Suburbs of West London from a working class family. I have an elder brother and a younger brother. I didn’t enjoy my school years. I liked nightclubs and drank too much. I met my wife Anne in a nightclub and we got married. We have 3 children, Claire, Christopher and Rachel. I gave my life to the Lord and he set me free from alcohol. Anne got saved as well. We lived in Northampton for 15 years attending Kingdom Life church which was adopted into New Frontiers through David Devenish. We have since moved to the New Community Church in Stanford and it’s really exciting.

M.M: Awesome Paul. How best would you describe your family life?
P.E: Lots of fun and really exciting. Our children are all grown up. We have great family times. Our children changed from “children” to our best friends. God has blessed me and my family. It’s remarkable.

M.M: Is this your first time in Zimbabwe. If so, what are your first impressions?
P.E: It’s my first time in Zimbabwe and the continent of Africa. It is a place of real beauty and real contrast. There is joy, happiness, seriousness and courage in the midst of all the difficulties. There is a lot of open space.

M.M: Brilliant. What do you think of Ebenezer and the vision?
P.E: Fantastic. I love the idea of impacting local people, supplying what the people need. It can be likened to a beacon in darkness. There are Godly ways of doing things and it can turn a nation around by it being replicated elsewhere.

M.M: You taught spiritual lessons to the apprentices. What was your experience?
P.E: They were thoroughly engaging and challenging with their questions.
Paul addressing the 2nd year apprentices
M.M: What has been the highlight of your visit to Ebenezer?
P.E: Practically – it was walking in the apprentice fields and seeing farming God’s way in operation. Spiritually – It was Combined Cell especially when there were hands that went up to receive the Holy Spirit.

M.M: Yes. I will remember Combined Cell for a long, long time. It was amazing! How would you best describe your visit to the community?
P.E: Surprising. It is very spread out and people have so little.

M.M: What caught your attention while you were at the Crossroads site?
P.E: The vision of Crossroads Community Church and the expectations. Stephen talks the talk and it is God planned. You and Stephen are in tune with the people. Crossroads is a work of God and a work of love and there is an anointing that Stephen carries.

Paul with Stephen at the Crossroads site. The congregation meets under this marquee.
M.M: Wonderful and thank you. Any last comments?
P.E: I’ve already made so many comments. You can choose.

Thanks Paul. This interview was amazing. God richly bless you as you continue to serve.
By Molly Manhanga

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