Up close with Martin Tibbert

Up close with Martin Tibbert

It was great having an opportunity to interview Martin Tibbert, leader of Open Door church, St Neots.
M.M: Tell me something of your background?
M.T: I grew up in South London until I was 6. We then moved to Bedford. I attended Brick hill Church which is part of New Frontiers in Bedford. I met my wife Dawn at church. We now have 2 girls: Ester 17, and Rebecca 15 years.

M.M How would you best describe your family life?
M.T: Being the only male in my home, I am outnumbered – in a positive way and very blessed. I can plat hair and I used to play with dolls when my girls were younger. The girls also play my games too like football.

M.M: Excellent. Is this your first time in Zimbabwe? If so, what are your first impressions?
M.T: Yes. This is my first time in Zimbabwe although I have been to Cape Town. I find the people are positive, warm and the experience so far has been tremendous.

M.M: What do you think of Ebenezer and the vision?
M.T: I heard about Ebenezer 14 months ago. I’d also heard about farming God’s Way through new Frontiers. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Ebenezer and it has exceeded my expectation. The wonderful thing about coming now – almost 2 year later, is that I am seeing the fruit of everyone’s hard labour - The quality of young men and women. It’s incredibly moving hearing of the life the apprentices have had and the challenges they have.

Martin with Stephen Manhanga and the 1st year apprentices

M.M: Great. You taught spiritual lessons to the apprentices. What was your experience like?
M.T: I think they as REAL questions which are challenging for those addressing them. There is honesty and a desire to understand. Generally, it was great. I had fun and the games were good too.

M.M: What has been the highlight of your visit to Ebenezer?
M.T: The Combined Cell evening was the highlight – seeing the apprentices worship God. Another highlight is seeing God raising up men and women who will shape the nation, transform communities by planting churches.

M.M: How would you best describe your visit to the community?
M.T: It is very rural and widely spread out. It’s very different. People have further to walk to get to church – 7km or so. I will take this back home.

M.M: What caught your attention at the Crossroads stand?
M.T: 1 Thessalonians speaks of the churches faith and hope. I see that for Crossroads and the work involved is being known outside the region. It’s already happening with Crossroads and Ebenezer. There is so much more that God is gong to do in terms of exploits of faith being known.

M.M: How encouraging Martin. Thank you. Any last comments?
M.T: One of the reasons we came here is in preparation to send future teams from our church to this part of the country. We want the teams to catch hold of what God is doing and to serve. We’d also like to build stronger links between the churches.

Thank you so much Martin. Be blessed as you continue to serve New Creations Church in Bulawayo. Have a pleasant stay in Zimbabwe.

By Molly Manhanga

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