One to one with Simangaliso Ndlovu

Simangaliso Ndlovu
Q: Tell me about your background?
A: My name is Simangaliso. I was born at Mtshabezi hospital - approximately 55km from Ebenezer and 25km from my home in Mapane. I live with my parents and extended family. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. One of my brothers has passed away. I am the last born of my siblings.

Q: How did you hear about Ebenezer?
A: Ebenezer Selection Camp forms were being distributed at Mapane Primary school. I liked the Ebenezer vision as I wanted to be a farmer and to know more about God. I attended the Selection Camp. I enjoyed it very much particularly getting to know others on the camp and learning more about Christ.
Q: What has been your greatest challenge at Ebenezer?
A: Bush bucks eating my plants and now there are diseases like boll worm amd red spider mite. I have put a fence around my plot to deter the bush bucks and I am spraying my field every week. There seems to be an improvement and I’m optimistic that I will get a good harvest from my crops.

Q: Fantastic. What has been your greatest joy at Ebenezer?
A: I enjoy socializing with others, learning life skills and spending time in church. I attend Crossroads Community Church which is led by Stephen Manhanga. I enjoy praying and singing.

Q: Praise God Simanga. Who is your role model?
A: God is my role model. I am amazed by his LOVE.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
A: I will be back in my community having a large plot and farming God’s Way. I will be teaching both young and old people to live a life for Christ.

Be blessed Simangaliso and keep on keeping. May you be blessed as you continue to impact your community.
Interviewed By Molly Manhanga