The 3D's are moving on......

Left to right (Vuyo, Victoria, Kathleen, Maria and Jolene
After spending 6 weeks at Ebenezer, the 3D's ended their stay on a high by organising "Ebenezer's Got Talent" which was held on Monday evening. The apprentices signed up to dance, sing, do drama's, poems and so on (An article will follow shortly).

The 3D's not only built genuine friendships with the apprentices and discipled them, they also helped in the fields, wrote signs on the houses, started Art and Music club etc.

Their time at Ebenezer was not only a learning time but one of growth as well. They were encouraged to pray more.

We wish them well on their journey and as they serve in different communities.

By Molly Manhanga


Meet the 1st Year Appy's - Fortune Mudimba

Fortune Mudimba

I come from Binga. I have 1 sister and 2 brothers. I am the first born in our family. Both my parents have passed away. I am 17 years old turning 18. I went to Lusulu High School and finished in Form 2 because there was no money for fees.

Life at Ebenezer
I enjoy Ebenezer. I'm learning how to start a business and how to farm. I'm in the Ndlovu family and I like it. I'm working in the fields getting ready to plant tomatoes and build chicken houses. I go to New Life for All Church.

Learnt so far.....
I enjoy Spiritual. I've learnt how to build a chicken house. I'm hoping to improve my life after Ebenezer.

By Molly Manhanga


Meet the 1st Year Appy's - Melani Khumalo

Melani Khumalo

I am 18 years old. I come from Inkayi in Komayanga village. We are 4 siblings and I'm the last born. I have 2 sisters and one brother. I went to Komayanga Primary School before going to Skopo Adventist Mission where I finished form 2. I returned to Komanyanga to do my 'O' levels but I finished after form 3. We didn't have the money for me to finish.

Life at Ebenezer
I am building chicken houses and we are at roof level. I like it at Ebenezer and I also like the food. My favourite meal is sadza and chunks. I'm in the Ndlovu family and I enjoy it. I've made many friends. I attend New Life for All Church.

Learnt so far
I've learnt that Joseph's brothers didn't like him. I enjoy Spiritual so much. I've also learnt how to build chicken houses.

By Molly Manhanga


Meet the 1st Year Appy's - Testimony Siziba

Testimony Siziba

I'm the last born in my family. We are 3 siblings. I come from Kensington in Bulawayo and I'm 17 years old. My 2 brothers are older than me. Both my parents are still alive. I did my secondary education at Foundation College up to form 3. I then studied at Hlanganani High School where I did my form 4. I did not write my 'O' levels due to financial problems.

Life at Ebenezer
I enjoy everything. I'm in the Ndlovu family and I like it. I'm busy preparing to plant carrots, tomatoes and maize. I attend the United Pentecostal Church. I enjoy food. I like to play soccer and volleyball. We had a soccer match against Magobeni at Nduna Primary School and we won 1 - 0. I've made lots of friends but my close friend is Review Ncube. He also attends Ebenezer.

Learnt to Date
I've learnt how to prepare plots for crops and how to build chicken houses. I like Spiritual lessons. I know how to pray and to preach.

By Molly Manhanga


Update on George Mlilo

George Mlilo
George is now employed by Beyond Belief since 1 February 2012. He looks after farmers in Silozwe, Mapane, Filabusi (2 sites), Silalatshani, Zhulube, Bezha in the Esigodini area and ward 15 in Matobo - particularly Ntunjambila.

George has 7 Field Officers working with him - Mkhululi, Vusani, Earnest, Mediator, Cuthbert, Nontobeko and Prosper Moyo - all former Ebenezer apprentices. They are earmarking 300 farmers by year end although they are still in the mobilising stage.

George is enjoying what he is doing although there are some challenging parts. He says the work is kinda like what he used to do before joining Ebenezer.

We wish him well and hope he continues to make a difference in the farmers lives.

By Molly Manhanga


Meet Kathleen Gaisford - 3D

Kathleen Gaisford
It was wonderful chatting to Kathleen Gaisford and getting to know her better. The interesting thing is that in 2005 - 2006, I worked with Kathleens grandmother in Harare and know her granddad too - Fred and Denise Gaisford, who are now based in Swindon, U.K. What a small world! I was also impressed listening to Kathleen recite Proverbs 31 (with a little bit of help...)

M.M: Tell me briefly about your background.
K.G: I was born in Joburg, South Africa and lived there until I was two. We then moved to Concession (farming area in Mashonaland Central)in Zimbabwe until I was 12 years old before moving to Griffith, Australia. I have an older brother. I am 21 years old.  My parents both work in agriculture: my dad is a manager and my mum is a quality controller. My brother is in the army.

M.M: Which church do you attend?
K.G: Griffith Baptist Church led by Kevin Webb.

M.M: That is the same church that Victoria attends. Were you friends back in Australia?
K.G: Victoria and I grew up together and attend the same church. Yes, we are still friends.

M.M: Great! How have you found life at Ebenezer?
K.G: We have served at Ebenezer now for almost a month or so. I like it because it makes me feel at home - being back in Zimbabwe. I can see the positive side of things again because when we left Zimbabwe, there were many negatives. I've also realised how good I have it in Australia. A challenge for me is that I like keeping busy and at Ebenezer, we seem to be busy from morning to evening, it's just that we don't see the immediate results. Something like farming!

M.M: What's your favourite quote?
K.G: It's not a quote but something I live my life by. "Live each moment doing whatever you want. People will remember you by the 'famous' things you do."

M.M: What do you do to relax?
K.G: I read, shop and spend time with my friends.

M.M: Whats your favourite food?
K.G: Ice-cream, milk chocolate, chinese food, cake and milk in a packet. Those are really nice!

M.M: Who has influenced you the most over the last 6 months?
K.G: I read a book called "I kissed Dating Goodbye" by Joshua Harris. That spoke to me alot and I'm falling in love with the BibLe all over again.

M.M: Fantastic. What are you hoping to gain personally during your time at Ebenezer?
K.G: My love for Africa and coming back in the future and seeing Ebenezer succeed. I also don't want to be fearful of God's plan for my life.

M.M: Thank you so much Kathleen. Be blessed as you serve at Ebenezer.

By Molly Manhanga


Meet the 1st Year Appy's - Mduduzi Ndlovu

Mduduzi Ndlovu

I come from Ntabanzinduna. I am 20 years old. We are 5 siblings and I'm the oldest. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I live with my mother and Idon't know my father.

Life at Ebenezer after 1+ months
I'm enjoying it. I'm building chicken houses. i'm in the Ndlovu family and I like it. I like the food especially when we eat chicken and rice. I attend New Life for All church.

Learnt to date
I'm learning about God and I enjoy the Spiritual lessons.

By Molly Manhanga


Meet the 1st Year Appy's - Laviniah Ncube

Laviniah Ncube

I was born at Mapane which is about 15km from Ebenezer. I am 18 years old. I've got one young sister and two young brothers. I live with my parents. Simanga Ndlovu told me about Ebenezer. I did my Secondary Schooling at Simbumbumbi up to form 4.

Life at Ebenezer after 1+ months
I enjoy Ebenezer. I'm working with the chickens and fields. I've made many friends. I like to eat sadza and beans. I don't really like cabbage. I'm in the Ndlovu family and I like it very much. I enjoyed the Spiritual lessons which have started with Mfundisi Manhanga on The Life of Joseph.

Learnt to date
I've learnt the 4 principles of Foundations for Farming, how to live a life with God, how to measure trenches and how to play games.

I really hope Laviniah enjoys her time at Ebenezer and learns many new things.

By Molly Manhanga


Asbestos sheets???

Asbestos sheets
Asbestos sheets were delivered to Ebenezer for the chicken houses and so were some water tanks. Chicken coops and chickens are just everywhere! Have any disasters occurred or is the chicken story just a happy one?

Well, last week, as one of the chicken farmers in Mablauwuni community were waiting for the arrival of the day old chicks, disaster struck! Part of the preparation for day old chicks is that the brooding house is warm. Chicken farmers have various methods of getting the brooding house heated but the most commonly used method is cutting a 200l drum in half, putting coals from a fire in that and heating the place and grass is put on the floor for the day old chicks.

Water tanks

This particular farmer was heating her brooding house and the end result was that it burnt down. One can only assume that some coals landed on the grass, set it alight and the rest is history. Her batch of 1000 chicks were distributed to neighbouring chicken farmers. These things do happen but it's not a common occurrence.

Molly Manhanga




Meet the 1st Year Appy's - Lethiwe Ncube

Lethiwe Ncube

I'm 19 years old and I was born in Kezi. I've got 4 brothers and 3 sisters - in total we are 9 children and I am number 8. I live at Sizinda village with my parents. I went to Donkwe Secondary School and completed form 4.

Life at Ebenezer after 1 month
I heard about Ebenezer through Pretty Ndlovu's mother. I like it here at Ebenezer. I'm in the fields digging rows for the tomatoes and preparing to grow chickens. I like the food especially sadza and beans. I've made new friends and I'm part of Skha's family.

Learnt to date
I've started lessons with Stephen Manhanga - Spiritual lessons and I've learnt the Life of Joseph. It was good but the time was too short. I've also learnt that God is my provider and protector.

by Molly Manhanga