Up close with the Kuests

Bob and Peggy

Bob and Peggy from Washington, near Seattle, came to inspire the Ebenezer Team and they were AWSOME. I caught up with Bob and Peggy to find out a little more about them….
M.M: Please can you share a little about your background.
B.K: Peggy and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary. I led a church in America for 34 years and we’ve been involved in travelling teaching ministry for the past 10 years. We have 4 children and 9 grandchildren.

M.M: Bob, how did you meet Peggy?
B.K: I was in Bible College and Peggy was visiting her best friend who then introduced us. We got married two and a half years later.

M.M: How best would you describe your family life?
B.K: When we are at home, we are involved in the lives of our grandchildren. We are GRANDPARENTS! It’s a God-given responsibility.

M.M: Excellent. What was your motivation for doing the work that you are involved in now?
B.K: It was 2 fold: a) Foreign students were coming to America and not returning to their home countries b) I took education to them in their home countries and the response was great. People started asking when I would come back.

M.M: After listening to you, I can understand. You are an amazingly gifted teacher. You have written books on Leadership. What is the title and how best would you define leadership?
B.K: The titles of my books are “Uncommon Leadership” and “Servant Leadership in a power-based world.” My definition of Leadership is “Leadership is a relationship of service dedicated to assisting a group/person to reach their potential.”

M.M: What do you think of Ebenezer and the vision?
B.K: The stories of the changed lives of the apprentices are beautiful. We can see the growth of people by looking at their plots. The maturity in their garden reflects the maturity in their lives. The theme of our ministry is “Teaching nationals to teach nationals.” Ebenezer is doing that and that has true impact for the Kingdom.

M.M: I found your explanation on how relationships fall apart very interesting. From your experience, what would you say is the main reason for conflict?
B.K: Satan is trying to neutralize the Kingdom of God and he does it through our human nature: pride, deception and defending ourselves.

M.M: What nuggets can you share about conflict resolution or reconciliation?
B.K: This can happen by us returning to God’s higher way of believing and acting, knowing God will help us and God is our shield. There are 4 steps that run counter to our sin nature:
Be still
Move on

M.M: So, so true. Any last thoughts?
B.K: I am impressed with the Ebenezer team. God has brought together a team who has a concept of servant leadership. A warning though – Satan wants to separate the team. Stand strong in the Lord and don’t allow it to happen. There are God-given principles if we’ll obey. Change lives through His grace.

Thank you Bob and Peggy. This has been incredible. Be blessed as you continue your journey in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Interviewed by Molly Manhanga