Community Relations

Mr Mpofu - Headmaster of Nduna Primary School

By way of building great relationships within the community, the Ebenezer staff and/or apprentices attend or participate in community functions. It was quite a privilege when Stephen Manhanga (Pastor of Crossroads Community Church and responsible for Spiritual lessons at Ebenezer) was asked to be the Guest of Honour at Nduna Primary School’s (a local school within the community) annual Prize giving ceremony yesterday. The rainy weather did not stop the parents from coming to support their children and it was wonderful seeing a team from Family Impact also come and support the event: Garrett Martens from Idaho, USA who is serving at Family Impact for a month, Kudzai Matonga and Shelton Taguma. Representatives from the surrounding communities were in attendance as well as partners that work closely with Nduna Primary School.

Daniel 6:3 was the focus of Stephen’s speech. As he spoke about Daniel having an excellent spirit and distinguishing himself above the administrators, Steve encouraged the children and teachers to do likewise.

Early Child Development kidz about to get capped

Facts about Nduna Primary School:
1. Location – Magobeni village
2. Number of children – 247
3. Number of orphans – 57
4. Head of the school – Mr Mpofu
5. Number of teachers – 7
6. Teacher/pupil ratio – 1:14

With this in mind, the school did extremely well in capping 30 little pupils from in ECD (Early Child Development) class or better known around Zimbabwe as Grade 0 (zero) and giving prizes to children that distinguished themselves academically, socially and had outstanding behaviour. Outgoing and incoming prefects also received awards. It was quite hilarious seeing the excitement of the parents. As their child’s name was called out, they went sprinting to their child to give them a big hug, lift them up and carry them to where Stephen was to either get capped or receive a prize. Despite the rain, the atmosphere was great – lots of laughter. The event ended at around lunch time.

By Molly Manhanga


Back in Action!!!!

Molly Manhanga.....back in action!!

The “Handover, take over” was very brief........ as I am back to update you on the happenings at Ebenezer – a “stand in” measure………SO

What has been going on at Ebenezer this past month?
1. Graduation and Community Day preparations are underway. The event will be held at Ebenezer on 14th December.
2. Approximately 3 tonnes of tomatoes are being pushed out of Ebenezer daily. The major problem the apprentices are having with their tomatoes is late blight.

Maize crop

3. There are still lots of onions that are going into Bulawayo from Ebenezer.
4. Although the rains are a welcome relief, it has affected the electricity supply. There was a good downpour yesterday and it is expected to continue until Friday.
5. The apprentices are preparing to plant water melon, baby marrow, carrots and groundnuts. They may also plant butternut.

Field Preps underway

6. Gerald and Laura Mangena will be having their baby in 3 weeks time. However, after graduation, they will move to Harare to join ONE Church which is led by Laura’s brother Sean Mullens.
7. Some of the Ebenezer staff were involved in a car accident recently whilst on their way to Maphisa to visit the field officers. Please pray for their continued recovery.

Read on for more on the Ebenezer scene……

By Molly Manhanga