"Letter to the apprentices....."

from Stephen Manhanga


Judges 16:20 “Then she screamed, ‘The Philistines are here to capture you, Samson!’ And he woke up and thought, ‘I will do as before; I’ll just shake myself free.’ But he didn’t realise that the Lord had left him.”

The book of Judges is the story of Joshua’s once powerful nation on a spiritual superslide. Today we will look at playboy Samson. He kept living on the edge and thought he could always get away with it. His relationship with Delilah cost him his eyes and ultimately his life. You see, you cannot continue with sin and expect it to go unpunished. God is a God of love, but He is also a righteous and Holy God. Samson had been given many chances and yet he did not listen to God. He did not even realise that the spirit of the living God had left him. All he could think of was 'I will do as before and shake myself free.' Sadly for Samson and some of us, it will cost us something precious that we can never get back again.

Let’s live upright and pure lives. Let’s be accountable to each other and guard each others backs.

Well said Stephen. Well said!

Molly Manhanga