Meet the 1st Year Appy's - Laviniah Ncube

Laviniah Ncube

I was born at Mapane which is about 15km from Ebenezer. I am 18 years old. I've got one young sister and two young brothers. I live with my parents. Simanga Ndlovu told me about Ebenezer. I did my Secondary Schooling at Simbumbumbi up to form 4.

Life at Ebenezer after 1+ months
I enjoy Ebenezer. I'm working with the chickens and fields. I've made many friends. I like to eat sadza and beans. I don't really like cabbage. I'm in the Ndlovu family and I like it very much. I enjoyed the Spiritual lessons which have started with Mfundisi Manhanga on The Life of Joseph.

Learnt to date
I've learnt the 4 principles of Foundations for Farming, how to live a life with God, how to measure trenches and how to play games.

I really hope Laviniah enjoys her time at Ebenezer and learns many new things.

By Molly Manhanga

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