Meet the 1st Year Appy's - Lethiwe Ncube

Lethiwe Ncube

I'm 19 years old and I was born in Kezi. I've got 4 brothers and 3 sisters - in total we are 9 children and I am number 8. I live at Sizinda village with my parents. I went to Donkwe Secondary School and completed form 4.

Life at Ebenezer after 1 month
I heard about Ebenezer through Pretty Ndlovu's mother. I like it here at Ebenezer. I'm in the fields digging rows for the tomatoes and preparing to grow chickens. I like the food especially sadza and beans. I've made new friends and I'm part of Skha's family.

Learnt to date
I've started lessons with Stephen Manhanga - Spiritual lessons and I've learnt the Life of Joseph. It was good but the time was too short. I've also learnt that God is my provider and protector.

by Molly Manhanga

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