Asbestos sheets???

Asbestos sheets
Asbestos sheets were delivered to Ebenezer for the chicken houses and so were some water tanks. Chicken coops and chickens are just everywhere! Have any disasters occurred or is the chicken story just a happy one?

Well, last week, as one of the chicken farmers in Mablauwuni community were waiting for the arrival of the day old chicks, disaster struck! Part of the preparation for day old chicks is that the brooding house is warm. Chicken farmers have various methods of getting the brooding house heated but the most commonly used method is cutting a 200l drum in half, putting coals from a fire in that and heating the place and grass is put on the floor for the day old chicks.

Water tanks

This particular farmer was heating her brooding house and the end result was that it burnt down. One can only assume that some coals landed on the grass, set it alight and the rest is history. Her batch of 1000 chicks were distributed to neighbouring chicken farmers. These things do happen but it's not a common occurrence.

Molly Manhanga



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