Brief update on the chickens.......

Honest Matavire and Moreblessing Moyo were hard at work  - paper work that is - calculating numbers etc of the chickens at Ebenezer, Silozwe, Magobeni and Mablauwuni. This is what they said:

Moreblessing Moyo (Left) and Honest Matavire (Right)
1. There is a total of about 18, 424 broiler chickens in the above communities.
2. The main challenges have been yoke infection which have caused the death of quite a few chickens and water is quite a problem. The chicken farmers have to dig down to about 1 meter in the sandy river beds to get water or use the wells that have some water in them.
3.Majority of the chickens are between 1 week to 6 weeks old.
4. Generally, the farmers are doing well in looking after the chickens.

By Molly Manhanga

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