Meet The 1st Year Appy's - Brenda Mpala

Brenda Mpala

I come from Mzaca village in Inkayi district. Inkayi is about 5 hours drive from Ebenezer. I live with my father and my aunt. My mum died in 2010. My dad had 3 wives and we are a total of 20 children. Two of the wives had died. I am number 18 in my family. I know all my siblings. I went to Komayanga Secondary School and finished my form 4. I am 20 years old.

Life at Ebenezer after 1 month
It is better here than where I come from. I have made new friends and I attend New Life for all Church. The food is okay. I haven't planted anything yet but I have dug planting stations. We work in teams. I find this hard because some of us work hard while others relax.

Learnt to date
I have learnt how to pray and how to live with others.

By Molly Manhanga

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