Meet the 1st Year Appy's - Godknows Mlilo

Godknows Mlilo

My dad died when I was 3 months old and my mum died when I was in grade 6 (11 - 12 years old). I live with my sister in Majunge in Karoi in a soldier camp. I've got 3 brothers and 3 sisters from different fathers. I am the last born. I am 17 years old, turning 18 in September. I did my schooling in the soldier camp school and learnt up to form 2. I couldn't go any further because we couldn't afford the school fees.

Life at Ebenezer after 1 month
It is great so far. I've got people my own age that I can socialise with but no one that I can call my 'best' friend. The food is good especially the "amabiscuit", or "ingoloyi". (In English - the baked crust at the bottom of the sadza pot. That is really a hit amongst the apprentices!) I'm in the Mlilo family. I attend Crossroads Community Church and I enjoy it because of all the freedom I have. I am building chicken coops for the first three months. It's my first time to build.

Learnt to date
I've learnt how to measure foundations, poles, roofing sheets and so on. I'm learning how to approach people and how to build others up.

That's great Godknows. Enjoy your 2 years at Ebenezer!

By Molly Manhanga

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