Happy 5th Birthday Ebenezer

Ebenezer turned 5 on the 15th August 2012. Time has passed from the first time Ebenezer started with 16 apprentices on the 15th August 2007.

This years birthday was marked with a Mini Olympics. Yes, Great Britain did brilliantly in hosting the Main Event but Ebenezer had a little one - a mini one. 4 teams were represented as they worked in Families - what used to be Cell Groups. There was Team Mlilo led by George and Siphie, Team Nyams led by Augustine and Gertrude, Team Mthsalaga led by Skha and Team Ndlovu led by Mbusiso and Pretty.

Some of the events were shot put, long jump, relay races, pushing Rod Spencer's car 50m and so on. These olympics were real exciting and Team Ndlovu, who had 21 people, simply "creamed" the other teams. They were impressive! They pushed Rods car 50m in 9 seconds. How energetic and determined is that! Some of the apprentices can run - really run (wonder how they'd fair against Bolt though!), while others,......... don't have the speed........ It's not their talent.

Team Ndlovu received 3 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 4 bronze medals. They had 85 points in total. For their efforts, they received a cake and will be able to get their meals FIRST from Wednesday through to Saturday.

The main attraction of these Olympics was the meal in the evening. The apprentices feasted on chicken, rice, salads etc. Nice one.

The whole day was funfilled and everyone seemed to have a good time.


By Molly Manhanga


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