Drip Irrigation At Ebenezer

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Apprentices taking a break between installing the drip kits

What Is Drip Irrigation?

v Drip irrigation is a slow application of water, nutrients and chemical directly to the plant root area or root zone.
v It can be controlled to maximum and minimum use of water.
v Soil moisture can be optimized by controlling the area and rate at which water is applied.
v Water drips through an emitter or micro-tubes in slow regular and controlled manner.

Types of Drip Kits
v Bucket kit
v Vegetable garden kit
v Easy drip irrigation

Advantages of Drip Irrigation
v Affordable
v Improved yield – several crops after a calendar
v Water saving – Uniformity water distribution
v Labour saving
v Good quality

Disadvantages of Drip System
v Difficulty to trust easily
v Susceptible to clogging

Stephen and Mkhululi measuring the drip kits

Why Drip Irrigation at Ebenezer?
v Water saving
v Labour saving as it gives the apprentices an opportunity to catch up with other chores instead of watering each plant with a hosepipe.
v Time management: The apprentices can work on their records, put mulch in their fields and so on while their crop is being watered.

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