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Business. Challenge. Community. Discipleship. Development. Leaders. Farming God’s Way. Grassroots. God at Work. Holistic. Leaders. Miracles. Relationship. Sustainability. Transformation. If any of these words excite you then Ebenezer will too!

Ebenezer Training Centre, in Southern Zimbabwe, is designed to equip young people in rural areas for everyday life in Christ. Our heart is that after the two year residential training program these young people will be red hot for Jesus, have a passion for serving their family and community and the skills and resources needed to run their own small-scale agricultural businesses. The young people that come to Ebenezer may not have finished school, may come from broken families and may fear the witch doctor more than God. They are ordinary, not very educated people … (remind you of anyone?)… God LOVES them and desires to work with them for the GLORY of his name… and we pray that by his grace he will!

God is part of every aspect of life. God works through relationships. These are truths that we strive to live and teach at Ebenezer. It is for this reason that the staff team live, eat, work and play alongside the apprentices. It is also why we make our training as practical as possible. Therefore, there are not only classroom training sessions on agriculture, business and Biblical foundations but each apprentices also receives a plot of land on which to start their OWN small-scale agricultural business! By the end of the program the apprentices should have paid back their starting costs and be running a profitable business. They will then be able to transfer their businesses back into their own communities. We believe this is a sustainable business model but more importantly a model that God can use to transform lives and raise up leaders. We pray that the apprentices will become lights in their communities, active in their local church, with healthy family lives and a sustainable living.

An Apprentice’sTestimony
My name is Constance Ncube. I am 20 years old. I came to Ebenezer in November 2008. I was given a 30m x 30m plot. I planted 1 600 tomato seedlings. When my plants were still small, I had to water them constantly. They did not look like they would do well because of water logging and a shortage of fertilizer. I then put compound D and urea on my plants. They recovered and grew very well. To date I have harvested 1000.5kg of tomatoes.

Of course, any work that desires to see people zealous for God is going to face challenges, and we do on every side…which is why we appreciate you praying with us. www.ebenezerzimbabwe.blogspot.com

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