Opportunity Arises pt 1

Justin Thebe
An opportunity arose for Justin Thebe, one of the advancer students at Ebenezer, to become a model tomato farmer in Mablauwuni. He has a 'never ending' water source - a spring, at his homestead and with the help of Jacques Dupreez, he was able to set up a 5m x 5m demonstration plot. The tomatoes in the plot are doing extremely well.

5m x 5m demonstration plot

He is now venturing onto a 30m x 30m area. So far he has dug 20 lines with 150 planting stations each. This equates to 3000 tomatoes. If all works out well for him, he could harvest 4 tonnes off his 30m x 30m plot.

Justin will be using a Kerry Solar DC Pump which has 2 x 120w panels and runs 45 litres of water per minute.This pump can effectively water 3 by 30m x 30m plots but Justin will start 'small' and then expand.
By Molly Manhanga

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