Catching up with Gottfried Hertzer

Gottfried Hertzer (left) and Lance Edwards

Gottfried Hertzer is best known for his stance on finances or you could say “Finances God’s Way” He spent some time with the Ebenezer Team last year and it was good speaking to him briefly when he passed through Ebenezer recently. Gottfried is based in Germany.

From our last conversation, Gottfried shared that it was difficult for people to change their perspective on money matters the world over and a very small percentage of people were interested in biblical views of finance. I asked him if there was a shift over the year and this is what he said........

“There are small pockets of people who are open to being challenged. The financial crash has caused people to look for solutions but they are looking in the wrong quarters. It is a slow process. The non-Christians seem more receptive. I had an inquiry from a non Christian company that is looking for insight in Biblical views on finance. They sense that their is a platform. There seems to be a “veil” over the Christians.”

Money reveals a lot about the heart.

By Molly Manhanga

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