One on one with Brendon Smith

Brendon Smith

It was nice catching up with Brendon Smith at Ebenezer recently. He has visited regularly and been an inspiration to many. This is what he said....

M.M: It’s great seeing you again. What is the main purpose of your visit to Ebenezer and Zimbabwe?
B.S: I’ll be focusing on the Post Ebenezer side – the wider vision of uplifting Zimbabwe and Africa.

M.M: Great! Can you please expand on this?
B.S: After the apprentices graduate from Ebenezer, we want to plant them into the community so that we can have a bigger impact. We will be expanding on the vision of Ebenezer which is to equip young people for a life in Christ. We want to unlock the potential the communities have.

M.M: How long do you think you’ll serve the post Ebenezer work?
B.S: It’s open-ended. As long as God wants me here.

M.M: Amazing! Where do you originally come from?
B.S: Bulawayo, but I’ve been living in South Africa and spending time in Europe, South east Asia, Middle East and the whole of Africa.

M.M: What is your take with all that is happening in Zimbabwe?
B.S: The solution to Africa lies in Zimbabwe.

M.M: That’s a huge statement to make but with God, all things are possible! What is the weirdest food you’ve eaten?
B.S: Sheep eye soup and it tasted rubbery. I’ve actually eaten every part of an animal including monkey brain which tastes quite sweet.

M.M: .....And, your taste buds are all intact? Thanks Brendon. Enjoy your post Ebenezer work.

By Molly Manhanga

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