Encouragement to the apprentices by Steve Manhanga

Are you living life to its maximum or are you living just to get by?

The answer to that question depends on the way you see yourself. You will live to the level of your faith. Not everyone lives on the same level of faith. As your faith rises to different levels, your business or your income rises, you will be in a shifting pattern of relationships and friendships. Intimate friendships change at each level. That is part of the price of growth.

It’s also the reason why some people don’t grow. They allow their intimate friends to influence them against growing in grace. Because their friends have not experienced a fresh or new level of truth, or manifestation of God’s presence through hunger to know God, they discourage those who have that hunger.

You need to learn to march to a different drummer and live life to the full. Determine within yourself to be all that God wants you to be.
We need courage to face reality
We need courage to admit need
We need courage to make decisions
We need courage to change
We need courage to hold convictions

Heroes are ordinary people who act in a moment of time on a need greater than themselves.

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