Update on Ebenezer

1. New Apprentices: The new apprentices joined Ebenezer on the 18th July. There are 13 boys and 7 girls. It looks like they have settled and are enjoying their group work.
2. Volunteers: A 19 year old volunteer from the U.K – Benjamin West served at Ebenezer for 12 days. Much of his time was spent helping the apprentices in the field and teaching them to play soccer. Thanks also to Matt Romans who served Ebenezer for 5 months and left at the end of June.
3. Frost: Quite a bit of the crops were wiped away by frost. There are still onions in the field and they are doing really well. The 2nd year apprentices are ready to plant their maize.
4. Chickens: Of the 3100 chicken that were delivered to Ebenezer, about 900 have died due to the cold temperatures in Kezi.
5. Soccer: Soccer has been going pretty well. In the last month, 3 matches were played and Ebenezer won 2 and lost 1. The challenge has been trying to fit the new apprentices on to the team. Some are gifted soccer players while others......well......they need a little more practice.
6. The model farmers are preparing to leave for Antelope......Read previous post.....

By Molly Manhanga

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