Tag Team Event

Tag Team Event
Held on Friday 18 July

v Family Impact ran an eye clinic.
v River of Life Bulawayo ran a medical clinic. They provided a doctor and the local clinic in Natisa provided 5 nurses.
v Evangelistic outreach was in the afternoon. Local churches including Crossroads Community Church came together to reach the people of Kezi.

Turn out
v Catchment area was Natisa, Silozwi, Mapane and Simbumbumbi. These communities surround Ebenezer. Village heads attended, war veterans, police, school teachers, heads of schools, people from River of Life Bulawayo, Family Impact and the general public from the various communities.
v Approximate numbers of people were +500.

Structure of the day: Strategic points
v There were 6 different stations to help manage the crowd: Ticket station, Family Impact had 3 stations: The Youth, Families & Adventure Unlimited, Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre station and ZRP Matobo station
v Ticket Station: As people arrived they were directed to a single ticket station where colour coded tickets were given to those wanting to see the eye doctor or medical doctor and meal tickets. Without tickets, no service was provided and the individual couldn’t access lunch.
v Family Impact Stations: When the queues got too long at the medical and eye clinics, people were ushered to the Family Impact station and the youth played games.
v Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre Station: Manned by Xolani Ndlovu. He shared Vision, Ebenezer activities and the 4 principles of Farming God’s Way. 2 apprentices would then escort the group on a tour of Ebenezer and then direct them to the last station;
v ZRP Matobo Station: The Victim Friendly Unit representative from ZRP Matobo would teach and train on the dos and don’ts in society.

Groups then had lunch and 90% were seated in the main area for the outreach by 2:00pm.
The Service

v Started promptly at 2:00pm with a combined worship team from Ebenezer, River of Life Byo and the Presby Church.
v Many other local churches were present.
v Tapiwa Chizana preached a message on salvation. All local pastors were invited to come forward to help pray for people. It was a glorious picture to see different congregations coming together with one vision and mission.
Ebenezer Outreach Report
v 57 people(recorded names) gave their lives to the Lord. Contact details were taken down and follow ups are due to start soon. The actual numbers were a lot more.
v The eye and medical clinics were still operation during the service and many people were in those queues.

Pointers to Note
v Catering: This was headed by Mrs Nyamayaro. The food was provided by the Cunninghams. There was enough food to feed the +400 people. Mrs Nyams and her team are commended for their tireless effort and serving in such an orderly manner.
v Crowd Control: Family Impact, Ebenezer staff, apprentices and farm labourers handled this throughout the day, from issuing tickets to directing people to the various stations. It was a co-ordinated effort and very well managed.

v Even though Ram Babu did not manage to attend, the day was a resounding success. Although everybody was tired, spirits remained high as positive comments were made on how much fun the people had, how impressive the apprentices were, the teaching on Farming God’s Way principles and the potential for Africa, the ZRP representative, the clinics and to top it all, the word of God being preached and people responding to it as well as giving testimonies of healings. It was a special and successful day hosted by Ebenezer/Crossroads/Family Impact and River of Life Bulawayo church, who included the other local churches. It was about the church of Jesus Christ in action.

Written By Xolani Ndlovu

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