Back on the ground.......

Wheat - looking good!

At the moment the apprentices are growing wheat which is looking excellent but also pretty appetising for the birds.

Last month the potatoes were hit by frost and the apprentices did their best to save them. Last Tuesday was really cold and ice had formed in the dam………There was frost but it didn’t affect the crops as the sun only came out later in the day. God shielded the crops with a cool cloud covering.

More wheat....

The onions are doing well and the apprentices have started selling them at the market in Bulawayo.

The 2nd year cabbage crop is doing exceptionally well. The key here was that the 2nd years sat down as a class and decided to help each other and care for their crops. What initiative and it’s evident when looking at the crop!


Most of the apprentices have prepared their fields for maize and tomatoes. Lets hope all goes well for them.
By Molly Manhanga

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