Half Year Celebrations

Thursday 15th July was the Ebenezer Half Year Celebration. A fun-packed day with a fun-run followed by a lunch-time braai for the apprentices and staff.

There was a 5km run in the morning before breakfast. Cuthbert Dube came first followed by Mediator Dube. Renee Cunningham came first for the staff and Mrs Nyamayaro, the oldest of the lady staff was very willing in spirit but her flesh gave in! She ran a “very short” distance before being picked up by a vehicle. Well done Mrs Nyams for your effort! The fun part with the run was when directions weren’t very clear at one of the points and many girls ended up “lost” in the woods. They did however manage to find their way to the finish line via short-cuts as they were rather exhausted. Prizes were awarded to the runners who excelled and this was followed by fun-filled games led by Mrs Laura Mangena. A drama was also performed. This was one of the “just for fun” drama’s to make people laugh and they sure did. The apprentices really know how to act!

Volleyball was the game of the day and the teams comprised of the 1st years, 2nd years, graduates and staff. The much “older” managed to beat the 1st years at a game but overall, the 1st years won the volleyball tournament.

It was a great day full of laughter and we look forward to the next one at the end of the year.

By Molly Manhanga

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