Chickens galore!

Chicken House

There are about 3000 chickens at Ebenezer under the care of the model farmers. These model farmers are Mqondisi Moyo, Brilliant Khoza, Tawanda Moyo and Mkhululi Ncube. Are the model farmers only young men? No. We have Simangaliso Ndlovu and Sithabiso Tshuma doing the young ladies proud in their fields.

Taking a closer look at the chickens......what actually happens?

4 week old chickens

The chicks come to Ebenezer as day old chicks and the model farmers need to make sure that the chicken house is ready as the first 3 days are crucial. The model farmers have to work hard at putting bedding down, making sure the temperature is right, making sure there is stress pack in the water so that the chicks can have a great start to their life. The day old chicks start their life in the brooding house and after 2½ weeks, they are transferred to the grower house until slaughter which is after 6 weeks.

Chickens galore

The 7 day body weight is a good tell-tale sign of how well the chickens have done in the brooding period. Although things have been done quite well at Ebenezer, there is still room for improvement. Doing things on time, to standard, with no wastage and with joy are important. There are lessons to be learnt.

The model farmers at Ebenezer hit world class targets i.e minimal mortality and great body weight. Well done! What a chick.....en!

By Molly Manhanga

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