Catching up with Tim Windsor

Tim Windsor
It was great meeting Tim and his wife Pam who stopped over at Ebenezer and Crossroads to catch the heart of what God is doing in the community. Tim and Pam attend a Newfrontiers church called The Kings Family Church in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. The church is led by Chris McLean.
M.M: Tell me briefly about your background?
T.W: I was born in Ontario, Canada and I am 44 years old. I met my wife Pam at a Bible College. We have 2 children: Melissa who is 20 and Christopher who is 17 years old.

M.M: What do you do in Canada?
T.W: I own several businesses in Canada. I run medical clinics; a corporate training and Development Company and I do marketing and business consulting. In addition, I serve on a charity board called Africa 180 in Mozambique as well as one in Canada called Initiative 360.

M.M: How often have you been to Zimbabwe?
T.W: This is my 2nd trip to Zimbabwe. I was here in January this year, I’m here now and I hope to be back later in the year – around October or November.

M.M: What is the purpose of your trips to Zim?
T.W: The purpose of the visits is to connect with Foundations for farming in Harare. I’ve connected with Newfrontiers and I’m here to build links, relationships and partner with people in Canada, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. We are hoping to use Foundations for farming in Mozambique.

M.M: What are your impressions of Ebenezer?
T.W: Well, I met Scott Marques and Alan Norton who are extremely warm people. Although we are all “white” people, there are huge cultural differences. We sometimes think we have all the answers but I have come with more questions because the answers are already here. This is a learning experience. Alan Norton recommended we come to Kezi and see/understand the heart of what is happening at Ebenezer and Crossroads (Community development and Church planting) What I love is that it’s taking Biblical principles and changing the heart of people. It resonates with my experience. Get the heart to get life change. It’s a privilege being here at Ebenezer and seeing the formative stages. I’d like to come back in the future and see how it has developed.

M.M: What are you passionate about?
T.W: Igniting excellence in people. Helping the poor in practical ways and I have a growing passion for Africa. The nations have so much and yet so little. They need to utilize what they have.

M.M: What do you do to relax?
T.W: play golf and spend time with my wife.

M.M: Any other comments?
T.W: Coming here and seeing Newfrontier Churches engaged with mission where they live is humbling and provocative. It’s a significant time and opportunity for blessing in Zimbabwe.

M.M: Thanks so much Tim. What a pleasure chatting to you. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Zimbabwe.
By Molly Manhanga

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