A day in the life of an Ebenezer graduate

(Left) Simangaliso Ndlovu (Right) Sithabiso Thsuma
The graduates work really hard at Ebenezer and currently they are on a one year programme. We have 2 young ladies and 6 young men on the programme. Their day starts at 5:00am when they go to the fields. At 6:00am – 6:30am, they have devotions. After that they head back into their fields. Whilst there, the graduates can weed, put fertilizer, scout their plants, spray, water their plants and so on. If the crop is tomatoes, they need to tie them so that the tomatoes don’t touch the ground or they harvest them. The day normally finishes at 5:00pm with meal breaks in-between.
On Wednesdays they have meetings to discuss their business plans, update their cash books, hand in cheques and so in. It seems like a really full day but Simangaliso and Sithabiso say they are able to manage all this work.
By Molly Manhanga

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