Matthew Hosier at Ebenezer

Matt Hosier

I really enjoy listening to Matt Hosier, leader of Gateway Church, Poole, U.K. His time with the apprentices and graduates at Ebenezer Training Centre had a HUGE impact on them. He spoke about “Trust” – the importance of trust in relationships and putting God first. He used an example of a husband/wife relationship and where there is no trust.

Matt then had a time with the graduates/emerging leaders from Crossroads Community Church. The discussion was around Elders and male leadership. It was great. These are the comments some of the graduates made afterwards:

1. Mqondisi Moyo: I found the discussion challenging. Matt spoke on things I didn’t know. I liked his example of Adam being head of his family and male leadership.
2. Brilliant Khoza: It was a great discussion time with Matt. I recall asking a question on eldership and leaders. Matt made things clear from the Bible. He encouraged us to stick to what God is saying.
3. Tawanda Moyo: It was good. I liked the discussion on male leadership. Women can participate in many ways in the Church but not to lead.
It’s wonderful when inspiring topics and discussions have a lasting impression and take root in people’s lives.
By Molly Manhanga

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Matthew Hosier said...

Thanks for the comments guys - it was great being with you!