Happy, Healthy and Fat Chickens?

What constitutes a happy, healthy and fat chicken?

Good question for the Ebenezer graduates.....

The chickens at Ebenezer were weighed this week and they are averaging 1.57kg after 4 weeks instead of the estimated 1.3kg after 4 weeks. A chicken expert from Technoserve visited Ebenezer and said that the only time he has seen chickens looking so healthy, happy and fat were chicken done on a commercial scale under environmentally controlled broiler rooms. He wanted to know what the secret was at Ebenezer especially seeing as there was no electricity or fans?

So what constitutes a happy, healthy and fat chicken at Ebenezer? The graduates pray over the chicks and the Union Brothers sing hymns to them. Now I surely would be a very happy chicken if songs were sung to me and I had food and water day in, day out.

The chickens have 2 weeks to live before they get slaughtered.

The chickens are breaking commercial records in the rural areas and this is a testimony of God’s faithfulness and fruitfulness.

By Molly Manhanga

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