The winter frost sets in.....

Frosty tomatoes not looking good

The cold, frosty winter mornings of between -1 or -2 degrees have set in here in Kezi and are being felt by everything.......
1. 422 chickens (1 week old) have died due to the cold.
2. Tomatoes, green peppers, butternuts and onions have been hit by frost. The onion bulb seems to be fine and the apprentices are hoping they will recover. They also hope that the butternuts will recover. The tomatoes however are really not looking great.
3. The carrots seem to be fine.

Butternut hit by frost

Preventative measures:
1. Chickens: The heaters will be brought down so that the warmth will cover ground level. Bremamed TS1 antibiotics is being given to the chickens to assist with their health.
2. Crops: The apprentices are waking up in the early hours of the morning to water their crops before the sun comes out. However, the intended results are not being achieved. Ice is still forming on the leaves of the crops.

2010/2011 winters have been really cold especially early hours of the morning. During the day has been pretty hot. These extreme temperatures are bound to affect the crops and the chickens. We pray though that not too much will be lost during the next month or so.

By Molly Manhanga

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