Encouragement at it's BEST!

A high powered team visited Ebenezer to tour the fields and encourage the apprentices and leaders from Crossroads Community Church. The team comprised of Scott Marques, Adrian Willard, Peter Cunningham, Renee Cunningham, Lance Edwards, Brendon Smith, Stephen and Molly Manhanga.

Part of the converstaions were as follows:
  1. Lives are being transformed in the Kezi community.
  2. Real discipleship is happening as the apprentices see marriage and family lived out at Ebenezer.
  3. Ebenezer is creating an environment where people can learn different things.
  4. There is renewed thinking in the apprentices. Parents have seen transformation in the lives of the apprentices.
  5. At Ebenezer, we can see production where there once was nothing.
  6. The key to unlocking poverty is GIVING: when the poor learn to give.

These conversations are encouraging and motivating.

Summarised by Molly Manhanga

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