Up Close with Lance Edwards

Lance Edwards

Lance is the Operations Director of Ebenezer Training Centre. These are his thoughts on 2009…..

M.M: What would you consider to have been the most significant events of “09?”

L.E: Not a particular event but clarity that came in 2009 and a peace that Ebenezer was at a place where God wanted it – equipping young people for life in Christ. We got through to the apprentice hearts through adversity and difficulty but seeing the transformation is beautiful. It was the realization that Ebenezer starts small in number but is deep in character. 2009 was learning about contentment and satisfaction and not so much about agriculture. 2010 will bring agriculture and the heart together: doing agriculture with excellence. Knowing it had to happen in this sequence is good for future Ebenezer’s.

M.M: Great! What faith challenges or “stretching” did you have in “09?”

L.E: Remaining positive and strong in faith in and amongst the chaos. Feeling like I have to build people up and encourage them when I was feeling low and helping people keep their eyes fixed on the vision and not circumstances.

Renee Cunningham and Lance Edwards revising "systems" at Ebenezer

M.M: What are you excited about for 2010?

L.E: 2008 and 2009 have been foundational years. I feel that in 2010, we’ll build above the ground. We’ve had glimpses of the incredible potential and in 2010 we will start the journey of achieving that potential.

M.M: Give me a brief summary of how your family life has been in 2009?

L.E: Family life in 2009 has been good. My children Katy and Ashton are settled. They’ve become Zimbabwean and this is home. They love their school; they’re doing well and are happy. We’re all settled.

M.M: Thanks so much Lance. We are looking forward to the journey of achieving our potential in 2010.

Interviewed by Molly Manhanga

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