Freedom Unlimited at Ebenezer pt 5

Winston Nyamayaro addressing the apprentices

Freedom Unlimited have been sharing Life Skills with the apprentices.

They addressed the 1st years about living in Freedom – as free men and women. What is freedom? True Freedom is living the way we are made. Freedom is not about what you have or do not have.

God made, well made: You are valuable and precious. Your life has a purpose and it’s possible to achieve God’s plan for you.

1. The power of words: words create or destroy – have life or death.
2. Communication is more than words. It includes body language.
3. The keys to good communication: speak the truth in love, keep your sensitivity, get rid of bitterness.
4. Be imitators of God.

My family is best
Family statues: Are you from a rude family or a kind family? Well, God has a plan for marriage – both men and women are made in God’s image but men and women are however different. Husbands have a special responsibility. With God, we can have the best family. Mabel Morgan said many years ago in “The Total Woman”: “At the heart of a good marriage you will always find two good forgivers”.

Sex: Song of Songs puts this beautifully.
We can talk about sex. The Makers plan was that sex is delightful. Our sexuality is not a mistake. God said go and multiply but sex is exclusive to marriage. It’s a gift which has been trashed. Sex outside of marriage is a disaster but is it possible to say NO? It is. Joseph is our example in Genesis 37 onwards. Sex is delightful within marriage. 1 Corinthians 7: 2 – 5, Proverbs 5: 15 – 19. What should we do? We can change and God will forgive. Let’s remain pure – flee the evil desires of youth. Worship God. Let’s pour our energies into positive activities and lets be accountable – tell someone about your decision.

HIV and AIDS is real and the statistics in Sub-Saharan Africa are high. Knowing one’s status is good as it enables us to make informed decisions. However, we need to know that stigma and discrimination are real too.
The keys to hope are forgiveness, find meaning to life and relationships and deal with your eternity.

The free gift of God:
There is so much that is wrong with the world and only God can set us free.

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