Freedom Unlimited at Ebenezer pt 3

Drama pt 1

Freedom Unlimited have been sharing Life Skills with the apprentices.

Gender, Culture and HIV
What is culture? Culture is a way of life. People’s values and norms are passed down from one generation to another because they are believed to be important for holding a society together.

Drama pt 2

1. Embraces us all: no one exists outside one or another culture
2. Is not static: it is dynamic and changes
3. Is not natural: it is a social product
4. Is learnt through socialization
5. Is different for different people, groups and times

What is gender?
1. It is related to how we are perceived to think and act as women and men because of the way society is organized.
2. It is the socially and culturally constructed differences between men and women.

1. Gender and culture are related
2. Gender is a cultural product

1. In Africa, women comprise two-thirds of those infected with HIV
2. HIV prevalence among women is 21.1% while among men it is 14.5%.

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