Community Field Day pt 2

Lance Edwards

Lance Edwards, Operations Director of Ebenezer Training Centre, shared with the community about our Annual Selection Camp that happens in the latter half of the year. He said that the prospective apprentices want to CHANGE. Some have seen a phenomenal change in their family members that are Ebenezer and would like to experience that as well. The apprentices are our future leaders. Lance encouraged the parents and the community to take “ownership” of Ebenezer and what happens at the Centre. If we want to see change in the apprentices, then we – the staff and the community – need to work together. Lance also shared that at Ebenezer, it’s all about HARD WORK and not a “holiday camp”. The staff is investing 2 – 3 years into the young people and we are looking for young people who will be serious, who will take what we are teaching back with them into their communities. With the hard work at hand and the many challenges the apprentices face, they too need encouragement. Ebenezer is a wonderful programme and we have lots of success. As a staff, we are here to serve the apprentices and the community. We are a family.

Sam Poe followed on with a story from God’s word about Jesus Christ. He shared about the calming of the storm and about Legion – the “mad” man. Sam did a brilliant job and was caught up in the story. Everyone was captivated by the story including the community leaders. Well done Sam!

Sam Poe sharing a story with the Community Leaders

The community was really appreciative as they toured the apprentice fields. They saw the good crops and the crops that are struggling. All in all it was an excellent day.

By molly manhanga

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