Ladies Discipleship with Marlene Poe

We are going through the book “Influential Women” written by Wendy Virgo as part of our Discipleship for the next 6 weeks. Last week we looked at how 3 different people were added to the early Church in Acts 16. These being Lydia, a businesswoman, the slave girl who was delivered and the Jailer and his family. We also had a brief synopsis of the Book of Philippians.

What would cause women to disagree or be in conflict?
We see in Philippians 4 that 2 women had a relational problem: Euodia and Syntyche. They were not bad women and both had worked alongside Paul sharing the gospel. What is it that can cause problems?

1. Jealousy – There is limited good and you want it for yourself
2. Criticism – this leads to rude behavior and not treating people with respect
3. Different ways of thinking – opinionated people think they are always right
4. Personality differences – loud and quiet people
5. Competitiveness – good in sport
6. Legalistic thinking – leads to judgmental attitudes
7. Immature behavior
8. Difference in preferences of style - (dress, hair, make-up, accessories etc)
What is Paul’s attitude towards these disagreements? Philippians 4:1 “I implore Euodia and I implore Syntyche to be of the same mind in the Lord.” Paul urges the women to keep the unity.

We need to be united and let the world see the love we have for one another. Reconciliation and forgiveness are at the heart of the gospel and it requires humility, putting aside personal preferences and serving one another. We need to have a sincere desire for the good of one another. Paul encourages the women to work out their differences. Let’s be caught up in a much greater thing than little differences that bring division and can grow out of proportion.

Summarised by Molly Manhanga

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