Importance of work by Pastor Netha

Pastor Netha and his lovely wife Faith

Pastor Netha and his wife Faith are from New Life for All City Church and they were the guests of Honour at the Ebenezer graduation held recently at Ebenezer Training Centre. Pastor Netha’s speech focused on work but before that he shared briefly just how special Shalom Camp Site was to him as it was there that he gave his life to the Lord and he made mention of the late Janet Cunningham.

Pastor Netha encouragement came from Genesis 1. He started by saying when God created.....everything.....that was work, including creating man his own image and likeness. He then told man to have dominion. We need to work. He cited one of the problems faced by many Zimbabweans as that of wanting things for free instead of working: free seed, free hoes, free fertilisers, and free implements and so on. Things that come for free are a problem. Many people have said that Zimbabweans are hardworking people. Those were the Zimbabweans of old. These days, we seem to want things for nothing. He said that we have farmers who don’t want to go into the field. They don’t want to work. They need the truth as the truth shall set us free. If your child is always begging, you’ll have nothing in the end. We need to be a nation that works.

Pastor Netha addressing the graduating class and the parents

From Genesis to Revelation, we read about people working hard – Noah, Abraham etc. We need to work as it gives one dignity and brings identity. Pastor Netha encouraged people to have a work ethic. Jesus said “occupy until I come” and he was speaking about work. We want people who will work with their hands – we want hands that will be diligent. God told Adam to work in the garden Genesis 2:15. He told Adam to dress it and keep it – that means work. Adam giving the animals names was work. Genesis 3 says that we will eat of the sweat of your brow – work. Know who you are and know that God is your boss. Once you know that, you’ll work hard. A person who works has purpose.

Summarised by Molly Manhanga

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