Meet Pastor Faith Netha

Pastor Netha and his beautiful wife Faith

I met Faith Netha at the Ebenezer graduation and it was good chatting to her.....

M.M: How many years have you been in ministry?
F.N: Since 1984 which is a total of 27 years. We are pastors with New Life for All City church.

M.M: What have been the highlights of your ministry?
F.N: Seeing the ministry grow from about 40 people to approximately 2000, the 3 churches we’ve planted as a family and I’m passionate about women and want them to grow and be the women God intended them to be.

M.M: Excellent! Any challenges you’d like to share?
F.N: We need our own building, we don’t have room for Sunday School so we have to transport the children to a different venue and seeing women whose husbands go astray, or young people without parents.

M.M: What were your thoughts on the Ebenezer graduation?
F.N: It has been very good. The programme is transforming people’s lives and it’s a good platform to address issues. I really like the idea of rewarding good behaviour.

M.M: What do you do to relax?
F.N: I like watching Home Edition make over’s on television, gardening, flowers, lawns and putting up a nursery.

Thank you so much and great chatting to you.

By Molly Manhanga

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