Mkhululi Ncube's wedding is finally here!!!!

Next week is the BIG DAY for Cooper as he marries his sweetheart Caroline. This is what he had to say as the day draws near……

“The wedding preparations are abit tough because I haven’t received much from family members. They seem happy that I am buying the food items and clothing for the wedding. I feel so good because I love Caroline and in our culture, people are viewed differently when they are married. (More grown up per say, respected more etc. Having a church wedding is seen as having accomplished great things) Caroline is feeling honoured to be marrying a Christian man who is leading a church in Silozwe.

We get married on the 22nd December at Shalom Camp site. Oh, what a wonderful place for a wedding ceremony. At this time, we are still looking for a place to go for our honeymoon.

I am working for Beyond Belief at Antelope in Mapisa and after the wedding; we might do something different or go somewhere else if God says so. Our plan at the moment still hangs on Beyond Belief."

Thanks Cooper. May God richly bless you and Caroline as you tie the knot.

By Molly Manhanga

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