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Siphilisiwe Mlilo

It was wonderful catching up with Siphie today and listening to her point of view of things happening at Ebenezer.
1. Business is going really well and the apprentices are covering Money Matters and the Ebenezer System. The Advancers are going through a Leadership Course with Steve Manhanga, Skha Matshalaga and Siphie Mlilo.
2. There seems to be no relational issues at the moment as both the boys and girls are super busy in their fields. They are working brilliantly preparing to plant peas and tomatoes.
3. Theft has gone down. For the greater part of last year, theft amongst the apprentices was rife. They would steal cell phones, solar panels, clothes, money and toiletries on a regular basis. Things are much better now!
4. With the money that the apprentices are receiving from Ebenezer, some are investing in building homes and buying cattle while some want to start a pig project. Others are basically saving their monies (keeping the cash).
5. Ebenezer has a new generator which is used to provide light in the evenings. This has helped so much in terms of apprentice evening entertainment and Family evenings. Light, light, glorious light! Everyone can now be accounted for.
6. A MAJOR HIGHLIGHT: 3 apprentices who graduated from Ebenezer last year each went away with about USD1, 000-00 and have started their own micro businesses. This is exciting and we wish them well in their business ventures.
7. The staff are spending time in corporate prayer and seeing God at work in and amongst the difficult circumstances

Seems like its happy days for everyone at Ebenezer at the moment.

By Molly Manhanga


bdcobbs said...

That was a very inspiring post. Thank you.

jerzey72 said...

Interesting :) enjoyed the post