Spiritual Lessons in progress

Steve Manhanga

Stephen was sharing with the 2nd year apprentices that they will be studying the Bible chronologically i.e. in order in which events took place. Genesis is the foundational book of the Bible. The Bible is rich and deep in content and themes. The class looked at how the Bible addresses 3 major issues of the topic of sin:
1. What God has done so people can be saved from the first great problem sin has caused.
2. What God has done to set people free from sin that is controlling their lives.
3. What God will do so people will be completely free from all the problems sin causes.

The mixing of these 3 issues has been one of the major contributing factors to the existence and increase of the many different cults, religions and denominations.

Steve with 2nd year apprentices

The lesson was enjoyed by all and they continue tomorrow.

By Molly Manhanga

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