Ebenezer Dam - The Miracle


Much like the story of Noah and the Ark is the story of the Ebenezer Dam. As Noah was faithful in building the ark even though no rain was in sight, so did Peter Cunningham build the Ebenezer Dam in Matabeleland South which is one of the driest regions of Zimbabwe. His faithfulness and perseverance was a pleasure to God. On many occasions, Peter sat on a rock overlooking the dam wall and would wonder if he really heard from God. How could it be possible for a dam to fill up in a dry region?

In obedience to God, construction began in April/May 2006 and the dam was complete in March 2007.
By this time the VISION for Ebenezer was down on paper. The vision is “Equipping Young People for Life in Christ” and the mission is to enable young people to live as a light for Christ in their communities by equipping them with appropriate business, agricultural and life skills. The buildings for Ebenezer started in March/April 2007 and Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre officially opened with 16 apprentices in August 2007. Needless to say, a lack of water was the major problem facing the Centre and this affected the growth of the apprentice tomatoes.
The team, apprentices and many churches across Zimbabwe as well as abroad began praying for an abundance of rain in the Matabeleland region and for the Ebenezer Dam to fill to overflowing. It was estimated that it would take approximately 7 to 10 years for the dam to fill with good rains. The rains came early and God opened the windows of heaven! The Matabeleland Region received an abundance of rain and the meteorological department stated that it was the most rain that fell in 127 years. How did this affect the Ebenezer dam? From what was thought to take 7 to 10 years to fill, God filled the dam to overflowing in less than a month. On 3 January 2008, the Ebenezer Dam spilled for the first time.
What a miracle! What a mighty God we serve!

Written By Molly Manhanga


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