The Ebenezer Team

Mr and Mrs Nyamayaro
Augustine and Gertrude were praying for God to open new doors as they were in their comfort zone for so long. They had spent time doing outreach ministeries in the rural areas for their church – New Life for All. The Nyams also helped in Marriage ministry that is affiliated to Family Impact part of whose outreach is to enrich marriages. While spending time with the Cunninghams, they heard about the vision for EBENEZER and the fact that the Cunninghams were looking for a couple to be the “EBENEZER Parents” for the apprentices. This is how the Nyams came to Ebenezer. They felt God opened the door for them and answered their prayers.

Mr and Mrs Manhanga
Stephen and Molly began to get a stirring in their hearts that it was time to “move on” from their comfortable life. Stephen spoke to some apostolic leaders at a meeting in Clarens, South Africa, about church planting. They then received prophetic words from River Of Life Christian Church in Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe and more confirmation at the annual New Frontiers Leaders Conference in Brighton, July 2007 in the U.K. God placed an incredible peace in their hearts and as they visited Ebenezer (there were only trees at the time), their faith increased and they began to get excited at what God would do within the hearts of young people in the Kezi community in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It was now all about trusting God and having faith for what he was going to do. A new chapter in their lives was beginning and they are so thankful to be part of a team on this incredible journey.

Mr and Mrs Mangena
What a unique story about Gerald and Laura – They got married 31/2 months after the official opening of Ebenezer. Both Gerry and Laura felt that they wanted to live on a farm and they had a passion to serve. God was equipping them both to work with people in rural communities whilst maintaining a relationship with the wider family of churches. Bottom-line, it was God that brought the Mangenas to Ebenezer.

Xolani Ndlovu
One Monday morning, Mbonosi Malaba – The lead Elder of River of Life Christian church, the church Xolani was attending in Bulawayo, asked him to go on a joy ride. The ride was to Kezi. Along the way, the Ebenezer vision was shared by Peter Cunningham and we went to the site where Ebenezer was going to be built. There were no buildings yet but he liked the vision. Xolani thought more about Ebenezer, the vision and prayed about it. He didn’t want his lead elder to say he was hasty but the truth is, he bought it the same day he heard it.

Hlulani Chauke
Equipping young people for life in Christ is a vision that caught her heart and attention. It’s the body of Christ in action and Hlulani wanted to be a part of it. She figured it can’t be a bad idea and jumped on the train. So here she is at Ebenezer and completely blown away by the work that God is doing. His hand is very evident.

v Spiritual growth in the personal lives of the team
v Harmony and unity
v The right staff to join Ebenezer who have a heart to serve
v Diligence and excellence in the team’s work ethic
v A team filled with integrity

The Ebenezer Staff having an early morning cup of tea and “catch up” time around the fire before the start of the days activities.

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