Impacting A Community

Our desire to see the Kezi community transformed is forefront in our hearts. The community is riddled with HIV/AIDS, orphans and vulnerable children, widows, unemployed youth, teenage pregnancies and so on. This is typical of many communities around Zimbabwe. The sense of hopelessness and abject poverty prevails. Both young and old feel that “This is how it has always been”.
, which is at the heart of God, is imminent. Change for both the young and the old………… Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre focuses on giving hope to young people, but, River Of Life Christian Church which is based in Bulawayo, have initiated

that are for everyone in the Kezi community. The medical outreaches are part of the apostolic initiatives that aims at reaching out and impacting communities. These outreaches will be held on a monthly basis.
On 23 April 2008, the first Kezi Medical Outreach took place. A group of approximately 70 adults and children gathered to be seen by the doctors and nurses that came. They lined up and had their blood pressure checked before seeing the doctor- Dr Mufaro, from River of Life Christian Church, and then being prescribed medicines that were donated from friends in Canada.

The exciting part of this outreach was the venue. Not only is the Kezi community being blessed with Medical Outreaches, but a church is being planted within the community.

Crossroads Community Church is a plant that stems from River of Life Christian church hence the very close link between River of Life Christian church, Ebenezer and Crossraods Community Church.

The Medical Outreach took place at the prospective church site. As the people gathered, some of the apprentices from Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre led praise and worship which was followed by an awesome message from Stephen Manhanga- the leader of Crossroads Community Church, on “The Family”. The sick were being ministered to spiritually by the word and through prayer, as well as being ministered to in a very practical way. This demonstration of God’s LOVE has already impacted the community

Written by Molly Manhanga

...Prayer – secret, fervent, believing prayer – lies at the root of all personal Godliness.” writes William Carey.
... To pray is to change.
... Prayer is the central avenue God uses to transform us.

v Young and old being touched by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
v Community transformation and development.
v Togetherness of all people in the area
v Good stewards of what God has given to us.
v Servant leaders with integrity

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