Ebenezer Overview

The land on which EBENEZER is being build belongs to the Cunningham family. The Cunningham family has a heart to serve the Lord, the community and to invest in rural Zimbabwe and rural Africa. Peter Cunningham has a degree in business and agriculture but he not only uses this for himself, but also for the rural farmers.

Although the gospel is preached in Africa, it has been said to be “A MILE WILD AND AN INCH DEEP”.

We need role models and to see the role models in action by nationals. We need servant leaders with a head and a heart knowledge to serve and role-model Christ. Pastors in Africa have a special role, however, we need to set a new standard and live for Christ.

EBENEZER evolved from here – to run agricultural businesses and serve the Lord. It’s Ebenezer’s aim to teach the business apprentices to know God through head and heart knowledge so that we can impact the community in all we do. In 2 years, the business apprentices will be discipled and hopefully led to the Lord.

Africa is a vast continent and has a third of the world’s natural resources but little is being tapped. The rest of the world is now looking at Africa in a different light as they are vying for the natural resources.
Why hasn’t Africa done well since gaining independence? Although billions of dollars have been poured into Africa, we continue to become poorer and poorer. Being colonized has robbed Africa of her pride and self-initiative. It is much, much easier to receive a gift than to apply ourselves to hard work hence the “begging bowl” mentality.
What does this mean for Africa? We are becoming a target for our natural resources. Africa has a lot to offer and has huge potential. We have people that are competent and capable and can produce products that are comparable to the rest of the world. How do we tap this potential? NOT with easy money or by patronizing the African people but with BIBLICAL principles and raising Godly standards.

The apprentices will get trained to handle finances and agriculture in a biblical context – to use their skills wisely. The apprentices will end up being role models in their communities and a larger context in that they will sell their rabbits, tomatoes. This model will be rolled out into the rest of Africa. We need to take advantage of our own resources instead of selling them.
The community is very excited about what Ebenezer has to offer. With Zimbabwe turning out approximately 300 000 school leavers every year, a small percentage has a remote chance of getting a job. This leaves the young people with no hope and leads to trouble. As the saying goes; “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. The older community leaders want to see the young people staying in the community and having hope and skills.

Ebenezer chooses apprentices with high potential. We bring them to Ebenezer and train them to manage their businesses and finances well. Ebenezer has a practical component with guidance and input. Each apprentice gets a third of a hectare with the goal of having 3 plots of 30m x 30m. Currently, the apprentices are working 2 plots in rotation with tomatoes and cabbages. We are hoping to get drip irrigation soon. Rabbits are being reared as well. We want to train the apprentices to have good work ethics with the Biblical principle of the parable of the talents – your give to receive. The apprentices will work their plots and see the fruits of their labour i.e. harvesting tomatoes, selling rabbits. We train the apprentices how to Farming Gods Way and to keep records. It is done by everyone and is very basic in order for ALL the apprentices to understand basic accounting and bookkeeping. They record all they have bought and sold in their cash books. Ebenezer has its own currency called the MATO which is based on a crate of tomatoes. 10kg of tomatoes = 1 mato. Ebenezer not only has a currency but a BANK system. The apprentices write cheques to the Kitchen, Stores or
Administration. They buy from Stores and sell to Stores. The cheques are taken to the BANK and the BANK records everything. This is in order that the apprentices see how their money goes up and down. They can get an “interim statement” every month to see how they are doing. The apprentice businesses are tomatoes, cabbages and rabbits. We are intending to plant cow peas which is a legume and will help with the nutrients of the soil. The businesses give dignity to the apprentices whose efforts are paying for their infrastructure. After one year, they will own all they have and have profit at hand. We teach them tithing and how to reinvest their funds into the business in a safe environment. The apprentices will be in a very good position when they leave EBENEZER.

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Prayer Pointers!!

…………That pride and dignity will be restored
……………Biblical worldviews will be the order of the day
…………….That the apprentices businesses flourish
……………..Godly relationships across the sexes

Beautiful cabbage crop in an apprentice field – Pretty Moyo

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