One on One between
Tapiwa Chizana
Molly Manhanga

M.M: Rol Byo is better known as River Of Life Christian Church which is based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Is there any significance to the name?
T.C: Jesus is the River of Life- All life is sustained in him and through him- He is our source of Joy, Strength and Life.

M.M: Is Rol(River of Life) Byo(Bulawayo) affiliated to any other church or organisation?
T.C: ROl(River of Life) Byo(Bulawayo) is part of a family of churches called New Frontiers- It is a family of churches together on mission, joined together by relationship, shared values and acknowledgement of gifting.

M.M: What is Rol(River of Life) Byo’s(Bulawayo) vision?
T.C: To glorify God, by extending his kingdom through planting New testament churches.

M.M: What do you see as your mandate for planting churches?
T.C: Providing resources in the form of people, finances and diverse gifts to plant and to establish New Testament churches.

M.M: How would you best describe the link between Rol(River of Life)Byo(Bulawayo), Ebenezer and Crossroads Community Church?
T.C: Ebenezer is a New Frontiers initiative to extend the kingdom through providing agricultural training whilst applying biblical principles. Cross Roads Community Church is the church that will be birthed in the wake of the kingdom extending initiative. Rol(River of Life) Byo(Bulawayo) is involved in Ebenezer by providing resources for the Initiative... Rol(River of Life) Byo(Bulawayo) is providing resources to help plant Crossroads Community Church, and has oversight with respect to the church plant,

One of the Elders of RoL Byo Christian Church

prayer requests
v Cross Roads Community Church to be a vibrant, life changing church that will the community will LOVE attending.
v Great relationship between Cross Roads, RoL Byo and the local churches within the Kezi community.

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