Life At Ebenezer

The apprentices are kept very busy at Ebenezer academically, culturally and recreationally. The following are some of the activities you’d expect to find at Ebenezer:

The core lessons are Spiritual, Agriculture and Business. We also offer “O” Level English for the apprentices that want to improve their English language.

An “O” Level English lesson in progress

The heart of Jesus is making disciples as seen in Matthew 28:18-20. Our desire is to see the apprentices following and living a life for Jesus and having Godly role models. We want to equip them not only with skills but to see hearts changed for Christ.

A session on Leadership training being done by Augustine Nyamayaro

Community Work:
As the apprentices are part of the community and come from different areas of the community, it is our desire to see them continue to serve and reach out in meeting the needs of the community. This is done by visiting the sick, assisting the elderly, praying for the sick at the local clinic, visiting a nearby orphanage, practical help in the local schools like repairing the sewing machines, making volleyball courts, training various sporting activities and so on.

Apprentices working on the road that leads to EBENEZER

Sporting Activities:
Soccer, chair-ball and volleyball bring out the competitive nature of the apprentices. After a hard days work in the fields and having lessons, sport is a great way for the apprentices to exercise their bodies, socialize, de-stress and work in team.

Volleyball being enjoyed by the Ebenezer staff and the apprentices

Social Evenings:
Social evenings are a “fun” time with and for the apprentices. They get to know each other and the staff better in a very relaxed atmosphere. Discussions, DVD’s, board games, song, dance, and rhythm games and so on are part of the fun times done on the social evening.

Ebenezer staff – Xolani and Gerryenjoying a relaxing moment on site

The Arts:
Watching the apprentice dramas are a highlight for anyone. They are very innovative and creative when dramatizing the events in the community. Self
initiated songs groups have emerged which keep the apprentices entertained.

Apprentices rehearsing a drama for Parent Day

Fishing, reading, swimming and board games are done for recreation.

v News HouR
v Book CluB
v Etiquette ClasseS

Prayer Requests

v Continued developments of the agricultural and business curriculums
v Exposure to farming, market gardening sales, conferences etc for continued growth within the apprentices

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